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As Caedmon Primary School is a Foundation school, and a member of the Aspire Learning Partnership, the Governing Body is now the admission authority for the school. We have adopted the Aspire Learning Partnership admission arrangements for 2017-18. Please click below for a copy of the policy.

If you want your child to attend Caedmon Primary School, please contact the school for more information on (01642) 453187.

Please see the policies section for the admissions policy.

Nursery Admissions

We have an 88 place nursery for 44 on a morning and 44 on an afternoon.

Children are admitted on or after their third birthday as places become available. When the nursery is full a waiting list is maintained by Caedmon Primary School. If a place becomes available, it is offered based on the following criteria:

  1. Children who are cared for by the Local Authority.
  2. The child lives within Caedmon Primary School catchment area.
  3. The child lives out of Caedmon Primary School catchment area, but has brothers or sisters already in Caedmon Primary School.
  4. The child lives out of Caedmon Primary School catchment area.

In the event of a tie break for criteria 2, 3 or 4, the oldest child in each category would be given priority.

There is no guarantee that all children will automatically be given a place in reception.

Prior to admission, there will be opportunity for you and your child to visit the nursery, when you will be given all relevant information.

Please click here for a nursery admission form.

Reception Transition

Children transfer from nursery to reception each autumn term. All places are allocated by the Local Authority prior to starting. Parents must make a formal application and the criteria above are used to prioritise the allocation of places.

We are keen to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible. There is a planned programme of visits to the reception class, opportunities to take part in assemblies, school lunchtimes and other general school routines prior to admission. Parents will be invited to a number of short meetings to share information before their children start in reception. These visits are very important so please be aware that you will be required to attend before your child is admitted to Caedmon Primary School.

Key Dates

The closing date for applications for Reception is 15th January 2018.

Places will be offered to parents on 16th April 2018.

If admission appeals need to be heard, they will be heard during June and July 2018.


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