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At Caedmon Primary School, we believe that all members of our school community have a responsibility towards the creation of a positive and supportive learning environment. Teachers and support staff work to give every child the skills and confidence that will enable them to make choices in their lives; this extends to the choices that are made in terms of behaviour.

In the vast majority of circumstances and for the vast majority of pupils, we promote a consistent approach to dealing with all incidences of undesirable behaviour. We do, however, recognise that our pupils are individuals and that they each have unique strengths, areas of difficulty and, in some cases, very specific emotional/behavioural problems. We recognise that, at times, it may be necessary to be more flexible than usual if a child acts out of character and against the agreed rules. Consideration should always be given to the cause of unusual behaviour when dealing with a situation. Similarly, pupils with recognised and specific emotional/behavioural problems require a prescribed and planned response that must be followed by all staff members.


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