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At Caedmon Primary School, we recognise that life-long learning takes place in all aspects of peoples’ lives – not just in the classroom. For the children in our school, learning at home is believed to be an essential part of a good education.

Purposes of Homework

Homework is important because it provides a means for our children:

  • to consolidate and reinforce what is learnt in the classroom;
  • to build up basic skills;
  • to become curious and independent learners;
  • to develop good study habits; and
  • to prepare for the next stage of education.

Homework Challenges

In all year groups, the children will be set a series of challenges at the start of each term. These include:

  • Reading at home.
  • Weekly spellings to learn.
  • Times tables to learn.
  • Creative challenges.

Please click the links below for your child’s homework challenges.

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Year 4  Year 5 Year 6

Please see examples of the homework challenges created below. 



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