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Lockdown Procedure

Keeping pupils safe is our priority, and we have a plan in place for ‘lockdowns’. We have a lockdown procedure, which will be used if there is an internal or external incident that poses a threat to pupils and staff.

Lockdown procedures may be activated in response to any number of situations, but some of the more typical might be:

  • A reported incident / civil disturbance in the local community (with the potential to pose a risk to staff and pupils in the school).
  • An intruder on the school site (with the potential to pose a risk to staff and pupils).
  • A warning being received regarding a risk locally, of air pollution (smoke plume, gas cloud etc.)
  • A major fire in the vicinity of the school.
  • The close proximity of a dangerous dog roaming loose.

If the school goes in to lockdown, parents/carers will be sent the following message:

β€˜The school is in a full lockdown situation. During this period, the telephone and entrances will be unmanned, external doors locked and nobody allowed in or out.’

We ask that you:

  • Do not contact the school, as this could tie up telephone lines that are needed for contacting the emergency services.
  • Do not come to school.
  • Wait for the school to contact you, informing you that it is safe to collect your child.





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