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Our Prospectus is intended to help you to learn more about Caedmon Primary School.

The school is named after a famous English poet, Caedmon, who was an Anglo-Saxon who cared for animals at Whitby Abbey from 657-680. He was initially unable to create poetry, but learned to compose one night in the course of a dream, according to 8th-century historian Bede. He later became an accomplished and inspirational Christian poet.

The school was officially opened on 18th June 2004 as it ended its first academic year/ The transformation in both the building and curriculum, brought about throughout the course of that year, was tremendous. We intend to continue to foster excellent relationships with parents, believing that a strong link between school and home benefits everyone.

We hope that you find this document both useful and informative as an introduction to our school. We would like you to appreciate not only the routines and structures by which we work, but also what your child will be learning. We hope you will support the teaching and learning.

You can find a link to our prospectus below.

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  • Caedmon
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