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Pupils are rewarded for good behaviour in the following ways.

Each week, one pupil from each class is chosen to win the Caedmon Badge. In order to be eligible for the class badge, a pupil must receive no behaviour consequences for the week, be in school each day on time and have completed their reading each night. One pupil from the whole school is chosen to win the Headteacher’s badge, for doing something special over the course of the week.

Children can earn ‘behaviour’ points by following class rules or meeting the expectations set out above. These points are recorded on a ‘behaviour’ chart that is displayed in each classroom. The child with the most points at the end of each week is announced as the ‘best behaved’ pupil that week;

Each week, the child with the most behaviour points is entered in to the ‘behaviour’ draw, which is drawn during celebration assembly every Friday. The winner receives a prize and the other pupils receive a ‘Headteacher’s’ sticker;

Children can earn ‘team points’ for good work, working well as a team etc. This is then added to the team totals that are announced during assembly each week.

When praising good behaviour, all staff members are specific (e.g., I really liked the way you walked sensibly to line up for dinner).

Teachers may also use prizes or stickers, at their discretion, for ‘star of the lesson’ or ‘star of the day’. There is no expectation for a staff member to do this.


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